The SwirlyGig Family of products.

The most functional family you’ll ever know.™
(Thank you Elizabeth “Don Draper” Cleveland).swirlyfamily

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  1. Charles (Charlie) January 20, 2015 at 6:32 pm Reply

    Hi guys (SID especially) I’m with the band WHY ME?? and we all use SwirlyGig products every time we play. We are in Florida so the drink holders are life savers !! For you drummers out there…the Schtik (sp) holder is one of the best things going in drumming. You absolutely CANNOT hurt this thing. Mine was backed up on by the trailer, and only bent it slightly. It’s like a tank!! I can’t wait to get one of the coffee mug holders…hope they are out soon. I think I’m gonna try some bright yellow drink holders if I can get’em.
    Thanks so much for a great product!!! Charlie Johnson

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