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Free shipping on all US orders over $30.

The SkiffDaddy pontoon boat cup holder is a drink or cup holder for pontoon boat railing. It is remarkably simple to use. It has no moving parts, nothing to drill, assemble or wear out. Its not another weekend project – no drilling a hole in your boat – just friction fit to standard pontoon boat railing and you are ready to go. The basket is 3.25 inches x 4 inches inside. You can use your SkiffDaddy to hold cans (with and without koozies), cups, glasses, bottles or as a place to hold other items like sunglasses, water toys and snacks. The SkiffDaddy pontoon boat cup holder was designed with pontoons in mind, but will fit happily and securely on many boat gunwales including brands like Alumacraft, Lund, G3 and Crestliner. But that is not all! SkiffDaddies fit perfectly on many lawn and patio chairs, canoes, kayaks, dock railing, deck railing, golf carts or any square 1 1/4 inch horizontal tubing.

Other drink holders are flimsy, brake easily and require elaborate installation procedures. The SkiffDaddy is easy to use, 100% repositionable, UV and salt resistant, and surprisingly sturdy. The entirely USA-made SkiffDaddy pontoon boat cup holder is constructed of coiled, heat-treated steel then coated with resilient rubber for grip and durability.

People love how quick it is to snap a SkiffDaddy pontoon boat cup holder on the rail of their pontoon, or arm of their chair. They grip the rail snuggly and can hold a variety of beverages or other items.

 All of our products are manufactured in the United States and shipped out of Minneapolis, MN.

Available in full gray PVC (SK8020) and as gray PVC two pack (SK8220).

You can see a video of the SkiffDaddy HERE.

Custom branding and gift packing available. CONTACT us at for more information.

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Weight .719 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 6.5 x 10 in
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